Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Product Reviews
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I was searching the internet a couple of weeks ago and realized that there were very few reviews about this bow available online. Most of them were very generic reviews that simply stated whether or not they liked the bow. Armed with very little information, I decided to purchase it anyways, primarily due to the exceptional price! I ordered it off and paid $153, which included shipping! After waiting 5 days, the UPS truck finally pulled up in front of my house and delivered me my brand spanking new Jag Takedown Recurve Bow. Upon opening the box, I was very surprised to learn just how light this bow really is, weighing in at a whopping 2.75 lbs. Assembly was a walk in the park; the directions are lacking, but with a little common sence, nothing is impossible. You must attach the laminated fiberglass limbs and arrow rest to the riser and then string it with the provided stringer. The riser has holes drilled in it so you can attach sights, a stabilizer or any other gadgets that you wish.

One of the major complaints I have heard about this bow is that the factory arrow rest is garbage, but I see no problem with it! It may not be the best, but it definitely holds the arrow in place and allows for a smooth, fluid release. The only thing that sucks about this bow is that Martin does not provide you with a knocking bead for your string so I would recommend making that one of your first purchases after getting your bow. I also heard that the factory string and limbs were prone to breaking. I have not shot my bow enough times to know if these allegations are sound, but I have not yet experienced anything that I do not like about it. It is very comfortable to hold and shoots very nicely and accurately! If you are not used to shooting a recurve bow, it will take some getting used too! I definitely recommend this bow!


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