Today I took a solo trip to the King’s Mountain Archery Range in Woodside, California. I brought several different brands of arrows, but the two that I was the most consistent with were the Carbon Express Predator II 3050 and the Beman ICS Hunter Elite. The reason that I have such a diversified quiver is because I love to look through the brush behind targets when I am walking the trails at the range! During my last two visits, I found four arrows! Let that be a lesson to you all, keep your eyes open when you are walking around the range! Safety is the number one reason that you should be alert, but you also might find some quality arrows! Now, for the arrow reviews.

Carbon Express Predator II 3050

The Predator II series comes in two different models and is designed for bows with draw weights between 20-50lbs. The first model, 2040, weighs 7.7 grains/inch, has a spine of 0.598″, and a diameter of 0.280. The 3050 is the model that I was shooting and weighs 8.3 grains/inch, has a spine of 0.505″, and a diameter of 0.283″. It has an extremely light carbon composite shaft and is stabilized by 4″ feather fletchings. It shoots so fast and is so accurate.

Beman ICS Hunter Elite

There are four different sizes of arrows in the ICS Hunter Elite series. I was shooting the 400 model which weighs 8.4 grains/inch and is stabilized with 2″ rubber fletchings. The thing that allegedly makes these arrows superior to the competition is the fact that they are armed with the trademarked Vibration Dampening Technology (ViBrake), both in the arrow and the nocks. Beman claims that this technology reduces arrow vibration and stabilizes the arrow quicker, thus improving your accuracy. To be honest, I did not notice anything spectacular enough about the ViBrake Technology to make me want to spend extra money on the arrows.

After shooting for a couple of hours, I concluded that the Carbon Express Predator II was the superior arrow. Not only did it fly faster and straighter than the rest of my arrows, it also penetrated the target deeper. That is something to keep in mind as I get closer to my goal of landing a monster buck! I would definitely recommend both of these arrows, but the only thing I would suggest is make sure to get longer fletchings, preferably feather! It seems that they perform better than the arrows with foam fletchings! Until next time!


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